Handmade products

For manufacturing the handicraft, the artisans make mainly use of their hands, backing themselves with manual tools and the knowledge they gained over the years. Handmade products include all kind of handicraft (ceramics, retable, decoration, etc.), the knitting, sculptures and other artistic products, jewelry, objects made out of wood or stone, and so on. Regarding the presentation of the product, we distinguish between the traditional (typical regional elements, religious motifs, folklore, etc.) and the modern. These products combine the recent (urban culture, tendencies, needs, utility, etc.) with popular and traditional art. However and because of a different scale of production, we also offer mass production and unique design production, that is to say exclusive handicraft, where the producer turns his creativity and imagination into a piece of personal expression.'


Exclusive use of the loom with pedal, belt and four pegs that are expression of the oldest and well-known machines of the Andes because of their particularity and practicality.